Product Warranty

The warranty service that Philips provides for our products include free repair and parts for the period specified by the individual product and subject to the terms and conditions therein and in this agreement. 

Warranty terms and conditions:

  • Warranty includes repair or replacement of the Product at Philips’ discretion and excludes all additional costs in relation to dismantling, delivery and/or reinstallation costs incurred by the Purchaser
  • To activate the warranty, the Purchaser must keep the original invoice.
  • The warranty period starts on the date of invoice to the Purchaser.
  • The Product should be purchased in the authorized dealer shops within Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.
  • This Agreement does not cover (i) any loss, or theft of the Product or any part thereof. (ii) any defect or damage caused by the misuse of the Product, negligence or wrongful act of the Purchaser or any third party; or (iii) any loss or damage to the Product due to any force majeure event including but not limited to lightning, flooding earthquake or thunder.

Click here for detailed warranty terms and conditions.

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